Team OA is an indie studio based out of Australia. Formerly known as Omni-arts, the business was established in 2009.  With a small team of artists and developers Omni-arts published several mobile games, while providing Development Services to a host of companies, including Intel and Nokia.  This phase of Omni-arts ended in 2013 with the decision to leave mobile and concentrate on larger title’s, something we have always worked towards.

We believe that using our extensive knowledge of optimizing high-end art on Mobiles, we can create a Next-Gen title that pushes the boundaries of what players expect out of a game.

Apalia: Arena of Swords – Windows Phone (2009)

In November 2009 we released our first self-produced title Apalia: Arena of Swords. Sentenced to death in an Arena, Ariana the Raan faces off against several creatures in a Time-Attack Mode. Released for Windows Mobile 6 Series, the game was voted into the Top 10 for the platform on (for a while)

Kid Krusader – iOS, Web (2010)

Kid Krusader was released for iPhone and the Web in late 2010. A tower defense game targeted towards children and loosely based on the childrens crusades, Kid Krusader was played by over a MILLION people in its first 6 months of release! It is still playable over at

Apalia: Appup – Meego, Tizen (2011)

Apalia: An Episodic Fantasy Game was co-developed with Intel and was published by Omni Arts and Intel Appup for Xmas 2011. Initially penned as a HD remake of Apalia: Arena of Swords, the Episodic nature of the game allowed for many more game features, and more importantly.. a story!

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